Fascination of Plants Day

Video Competition

Making videos >>>>

What you'll need

To make a video you’ll need:

  • A camera that can take videos
  • A computer to edit your video so it’s 3 mins or shorter (you could use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie)
  • An internet connection to upload your video to YouTube

Resources for making videos


ccMixter offers music that you can use to make videos under Creative Commons licensing. You’ll need to acknowledge the artist that made the music in the credits for your video.


What makes a good video?

  • Nothing beats a story! Think about how to give your video a beginning, a middle and an end. What is the main thing you want viewers to think about?
  • Video is a visual medium. How can you use pictures to send your message clearly? Will you show people talking? What else can you show?
  • Think about the sound. Can you understand what's being said?
  • Keep the image steady. You can always use a chair instead of a tripod to stop the video looking too shaky.
  • Have fun!