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Science Communications Officer
Plant Energy Biology
ARC Centre of Excellence
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Hi, my name is Alice Trend and I work as a Science Communications Officer at the ARC Centre for Excellence in Plant Energy Biology. Capable of jetlag, stress, a tan, getting fat, catching a virus, producing immense energy, full of sugar and able to seductively lure in a pollinator, Alice has ...wait that's not Alice, that's plants!

I realised how interesting plants were when I came to work at the Centre two years ago. Before that I worked in science television, exhibition development and science show presenting.  I have a BSc (Hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication.



Manager TechNyou
Facebook: www.facebook.com/talkingtechnology

I am a science communicator, the coolest job around because I get to talk to all sorts of scientists. As manager of TechNyou, I might talk to a scientist working on breeding rice that contains loads of iron, an essential dietary nutrient. The next day I will talk to a scientist figuring out how to make plastic solar panels that are paper thin and cheap enough to buy with pocket money.

My job is to translate their complex ‘sciency’ stuff into something the non-scientist can understand and appreciate. I write stories, make videos, design simple experiments for science shows, give presentations...and it is all fun, except for the bookkeeping and data entry. That sucks.

TechNyou is a public engagement program at the University of Melbourne. We have an outreach program, a free information service and an education resource for teachers and students that contain loads of information, interactive, animations, lab pracs and videos on a range of emerging science topics. www.technyou.edu.au



Rob has been a university scientist and, for forty years, a science writer and science broadcaster on television and radio. He co-hosted the national television program Curiosity Show, which screened in 14 countries. He was the science correspondent for Channel Ten TV News and produced TV science segments on NEXUS for the Australia Network, He has written 43 books and dozens of articles.on science and natural history.

He has been awarded two Eureka Prizes (including the Australian Government Eureka Prize for the Promotion of Science), the Michael Daley Award for Science Journalism, and the inaugural South Australian Government Award for Excellence in Science Communication.  In 2004, he was awarded the Order of Australia for Science Communication and Conservation.
He is Chair or a member of many Boards and Councils of environment and conservation organisations and was the South Australian Senior Australian of the Year for 2008.


Dr Paul Willis

Director, RiAus

RiAus Director Dr Paul Willis is well-known as a science broadcaster with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, presenting and producing on ABC television science shows including Quantum and Catalyst.

Paul is passionate about informing, educating and amusing people of all ages and backgrounds about science and is keen to seize the opportunity to talk about science in a variety of public forums.  He was rewarded for his passion in 2000 when he was joint recipient of the Eureka Prize for Science Communication.

Dr Willis brings a solid research career in vertebrate palaeontology to his work as a science communicator and now as Director of RiAus.  He has produced many academic reports and papers, has authored or co-authored seven books on dinosaurs, rocks and fossils, and has written many popular science articles for a variety of publications.

Paul was the resident palaeontologist on seven Antarctic expeditions and brings this enthusiasm and keen sense of adventure to his role as Director of RiAus.  He is ready and willing to engage with non-scientists and to stimulate community conversations about science, life, and everything.


Patrick Menzel

Fundraising and Marketing Manager,
Nature Foundation SA

I have a great respect for our natural biodiversity and I enjoy representing Nature Foundation SA through our fundraising programs, volunteering events and updating our communications. I enjoy taking photos and videos of our reserves, animals, plants and the events we organise throughout each calendar year. Having travelled to many different places within Australia and around the world, I believe there is beauty around every corner!


Bobby Cerini


Bobby Cerini is a science communication researcher, writer and project manager, with a special interest in visual communication. She currently leads the Movies and 3D visualization team at Geoscience Australia, and supports science filmmaking through the Science and Factual Filmmakers Network. Her PhD thesis examines the communication behaviours and impacts of today’s science heroes, based on recorded interviews with some of the world’s most successful scientists and communicators, including David Attenborough, David Suzuki, Gus Nossal and Lawrence Krauss.

Paul was the resident palaeontologist on seven Antarctic expeditions and brings this enthusiasm and keen sense of adventure to his role as Director of RiAus.  He is ready and willing to engage with non-scientists and to stimulate community conversations about science, life, and everything.



Outreach Operations Manager,
Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre


I work as a science communicator for Questacon – The National Science and Technology centre in Canberra. At Questacon I manage the Indigenous Outreach (ScienceLines), and the Digital Outreach programs, and I’m lucky enough to work with a team of enthusiastic young presenters who take science and technology into schools around Australia.

I’m also a filmmaker with a passion for documentaries, and some of my productions have been screened on national television. During my career I’ve been a public servant, university lecturer and TAFE teacher, environmental consultant, heritage expert, research scientist, and environmental manager at a well-known national park famous for its beautiful caves.