What does ACPFG Bioinformatics and Computational Biology offer?

ACPFG offers postgraduate qualifications in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology. Students study in world class research facilities under the guidance of internationally renowned scientists.

ACPFG specialises in Agricultural Biotechnology. Researchers use gene technology to generate crops that withstand harsh climates. ACPFG research contributes to global food security and ensures Australian farmers remain internationally competitive in the cereal crop market.

ACPFG consists of several nodes, located in South Australia and Queensland, which offer different research opportunities in the field of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Each node offers Masters, Honours and PhD postgraduate research qualifications in this area in conjunction with ACPFG-associated universities.

Each node also offers student internships for undergraduate students, which enables students to gain real-life experience before completing their degree.  

A variety of scholarship opportunities are offered at each ACPFG node.

As each node offers different opportunities, students will need to investigate to see which one is right for them, based on location, research area and scholarship opportunities.