What careers are available in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology?

A career in research using Bioinformatics & Computational Biology can lead to overseas travel and international careers. There’s a real need to develop better mathematical and computational tools to make research faster and more efficient, so there’s a wide range of exciting career opportunities available globally.

Rewarding careers can be found in private companies, hospitals and research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and government organisations. Fields that incorporate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology include human health, agriculture and the environment. Study in one field often leads to work in others.

Salaries in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology are good (even for beginners), but like any job, depend on experience and qualifications. The average salary of a candidate with six months to one experience is about AUD$70,000-$80,000 / annum.  Salaries will also vary depending on the role and responsibility.