The ACPFG Bioinformatics University of Queensland (UQ) Node

The ACPFG University of Queensland Node offers postgraduate qualifications in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in conjunction with the University of Queensland.  We also offer Student Internships for undergraduate students.

The University of Queensland node conducts research into the structure, function and expression of plant genomes, using data from the latest DNA sequencing technology.  We develop and apply software for a wide range of computational genomics studies and publish this data in peer reviewed academic journals. We also offer training in a range of computational genomics methods.

There is a huge demand for researchers with computational biology skills!

Our students are frequently offered research positions before graduating. Our graduates have worked in industry, academia and government in Australia and overseas.

The ACPFG University of Queensland node offers a range of postgraduate research scholarships.  However, as these scholarships are limited we ask students to also to apply for scholarships offered by the University of Queensland.  Scholarships can also be obtained externally. Please contact David Edwards for further details.

International students are eligible to apply. The University of Queensland offers scholarships that cover tuition fees. 

ACPFG UQ PhD scholarships are AUD $28,715 per annum for three years.

Funding is also available for MSc students and <unfinished thought?>

Contact point for the ACPFG University of Queensland Node:

Please send applications (see checklist <link to page 3C or the PDF if you make one>) or enquiries to

A/Prof. Dave Edwards
Phone: +61 (0)7 3346 7084
Fax: +61 (0) 7 3365 1176

Useful websites: