Welcome to the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics

ACPFG is an Australian company that manages a large research program in cereals; it develops intellectual property for industry to deliver to growers.  Through its international links with the public and private sector, it also accesses "know-how" and technologies not available within Australia.

ACPFG's shareholders are the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the South Australian and Victorian Governments, and the Universities of Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland and South Australia.  ACPFG has a non-representative Board of Directors. 


New! A breakthrough article just published in the Plant Cell.

New! A feature article with a front cover photograph just published in the Plant Molecular Biology.


Science for cereal improvement.

ACPFG's scientists are improving wheat and barley's tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought and salinity and researching ways to make plants use nutrients more efficiently.  It has registered intellectual property (patents) and publishes extensively in  its area.



Mapping the barley genome - good news for farmers



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